Diverse teams are the strongest teams.

From day one, we’ve been driven by this belief. In fact, we built our entire business and team around it. 

In an era of constant disruption and digital transformation, the companies that are able to set ideas into motion, inspire their people, and deliver results are the ones that bring a diverse mix of skills and experiences to the table. These are the teams we live for; these are the teams we build. 

Rich Talent Group partners with consumer and technology companies to build leadership teams and boards fit for the future. We’ve spent decades forging authentic relationships with diverse communities so we can help our clients—from the most promising upstarts to the biggest names in business—create a greater impact.

We recruit critical and dynamic executive leaders in the following functional areas:


We bring diverse talent to innovative companies.

It’s why we were founded. 90% of the leaders we recruited into operating roles in 2021 added diversity as a woman, Person of Color, and/or LGBTQ+. And that was 100% for board roles.

Our clients stick with us.

More than half of our work is repeat business. We serve as advisors at all stages of growth, because more than recruiters, we’re partners supporting the long-term development of your team.

We’re your trusted partner.

Our team brings 30 years of experience working with industry pioneers and some of the world’s largest companies in both consumer and technology spaces—resulting in a first-hand understanding of what it takes to build winning teams. 

Our network is our strength.

When you want to make a difference, you don’t do it alone. From day one, we’ve aligned ourselves with the nation’s top thought leaders, industry experts, organizations, and media powerhouses to cultivate a network of advisors and partners that can deepen our impact—and yours. 

Expanding our impact.

Rich Talent Group is proud to be a member of kyu, a global collective of best-in-class creative companies — which enables us to expand our offerings and deepen the impact we can bring to our clients and our team.

As part of kyu, we work alongside thought leaders and practitioners at organizations such as SYPartners and IDEO, among others. Together, we are helping to reshape the highest levels of leadership at some of the world’s most powerful organizations, from building their teams to creating meaningful change far beyond hiring.